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What's Yours is Mine. . .
(A 21st Century Cautionary Tale)

(For Heather & Richard, 11 July 2004)

Dearest beloved, I've pledged you my troth;
By law we are man and wife - you and me both;
My significant other, my husband, my mate:
Did you study the small print when you set the date?

It is stated in writing that what's yours is mine,
And that part of the pact's fundamentally fine;
But I've added a footnote within the next clause -
Just to clear up the part that says "what's mine is yours".

Well, it's not quite that simple - I'm sure you'll agree;
To pool one's possessions and share equally.
So it is written - so let it be known,
That what's yours is mine - and what's mine is my own.

Now of course, there's exception to this regulation;
There's something I'll give you without disputation.
Of all that I own, it is worth more by far
Than your iPod, your tripod, your house, or your car.

For richer for poorer, you've told me "I will";
So, I willingly give you my credit card bill.



© Theresa van Straten 2005 All Rights Reserved


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